Tuning into our bodies to calm our racing thoughts

Interoception is the sense responsible for detecting our inner states, such as respiration, hunger, satiety, thirst, heart rate, and the need for digestive elimination. Apparently, some of the ways that we can develop our interoceptive sense include yoga, breathing, and meditation practices. Although I seldom do any of these (except for breathing and extra tuning in during DMT sessions), this article I’ve just read is making me reconsider.

Recently, scientific research has turned its eye towards atypical interoception in people with autism. Today, I was reading about it and came across an article on interoception called “The Brain’s Ability to Look Within: A Secret to Well-Being,  by Emma Seppala, PhD. Here is an excerpt:

“In the realm of the mind, what we resist persists. Sadly, some people end up turning to alcohol and drugs as a last resort to quiet their mind. 

Farb’s findings, however, suggest that the neural networks of interoceptive attention may provide an inbuilt system separate from the thinking mind to help ourselves find calm. We can’t control our mind with our mind (or our pre-frontal cortex with the pre-frontal cortex), but with interoceptive awareness, we may be able to escape our racing thoughts. The expression “take a deep breath” in a moment of anger or fear is a common saying that directly taps into our ability to use our interoceptive awareness. Many clinicians include some kind of breathing instructions into a therapy setting for anxiety. “

Here is the article: http://www.creativitypost.com/psychology/the_brains_ability_to_look_within_a_secret_to_well_being









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