Dance Movement Therapy for All

“The body knows.”

A creative way to explore your inner self, Dance Movement Therapy offers you a space to gain insight while developing abilities and resources to enhance your personal life and relationships.

There is no need for dance experience and there is no expectation to perform correct movement! The aim is to allow you to connect with what is in your body, including awareness, emotions, and unconscious feelings. The relationship with the therapist is fundamental in creating a safe environment for growth and understanding.

You may want to access Dance Movement Therapy:

  • to enhance your understanding of self and others,
  • if you are experiencing stress, anxiety, low mood, depression, trauma, unexplained and chronic pain or illness,
  • following a change in your personal circumstances, such as bereavement, separation, divorce, the birth of a new child, or
  • following a change in your professional circumstances, such as retirement, the loss of employment, the start of a new job/position, relocation.

Sessions can take place on a 1-to-1 basis or in a group context and can be offered short-term or long-term. These details will be decided together at our first meeting. Contact me to discuss.